Tuscan Afternoon Tapestry Wall Hanging - 64"x90"

Tuscan Afternoon Tapestry Wall Hanging - 64"x90"
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Our introduction to San Fransisco artist Brad Simpson's European vision, this large scale Tuscan landscape bekons you through the archway and invites you to stroll down the mountain of a colorful Tuscan mountain vingnette. A slice of heaven on earth. Dowel Rod and Tassels sold separately. Bottom weight rod included. Jacquard Woven, 100% Cotton. Lined, Hand Finished. Spot Clean. Made in USA.

Each tapestry is woven on Jacquard looms and utilizes between nine and eighteen miles of thread - museum quality! The combination of the thread colors and weaving creates a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. It draws the viewer into the depth and texture of the image while adding an acoustic elegance to any room decor.

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