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MOLA Clutch Bag "Cat" - One-of-A-Kind -

Woven Art & Beyond LLC

MOLA Clutch Bag "Cat" - One-of-A-Kind

$ 68.00

Authentic Traditional handmade MOLA made into an original, sophisticated Clutch Bag. A fashionable take on MOLA textile Art, these beautifully handcrafted quality works of art (one-of-a-kind) are created by talented Artisan Guna Indian Women indigenous of the San Blas Islands of Panama and created into these unique clutch bags in collaboration with Designer Alexandra Krajczyczek. Colorful, Fun & Unique yet rich in cultural and artistic heritage. Handmade in Panama. Original Gift sure to be appreciated! One of our Mola Clutch bags was in LatinaUSA Magazine's Dec./Jan. 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.

Each original MOLA Clutch Bag has a hang tag explaining the story. MOLA bag prices are determined by the quality of the MOLA (intricate detail, stitching, etc.), as well as how many fabric layers (normally 2-7) it has (especially for the clutches that are elaborated with the traditional MOLAs - several layers).


  • Size: 10.25"W x 7"H
  • Cat Motif
  • Closure: Black Zipper
  • Inside Pocket
  • Layers: 3 layers w/Embroidery, 1 layer Poly
  • Outside Fabric: Authentic MOLA
  • Lining: 100% Printed Cotton (Traditional Skirt or Headscarf Fabric of Guna Women of Panama)
  • Handmade in Panama
  • Brand AMK Panama

What Is A MOLA:
Mola is one-of-a-kind piece, a textile art telling stories of Gunas, an indigenous group of Panama and handmade by Guna women.

Molas are well known, especially among collectors. No two molas are alike. Molas are recognized as unique, original pieces of art.

Molas are done using a reverse appliqué technique and form a part of the traditional costume of a Guna woman that also consists of a patterned skirt, red and yellow headscarf, arm and leg beads and gold nose rings and earrings. Several layers (usually two to seven) of different-coloured cloth (usually cotton) are sewn together.

The Guna first used the geometrical patterns which have been used for body painting before application. The motifs are either geometric depicting maze like abstract patterns or figurative, featuring people, animals and birds that represent many traditional Guna myths and legends. It is assumed that the oldest molas are between 150 - 170 years old.

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