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We Offer Customer Service That Is Hard To Find !  We work with our customers to fulfill their specific needs and requests ... both in customizing and non-customizing. What Customers are saying:

"High quality products for the discerning, educated consumer. Not only does Woven Art & Beyond offer an incredible and eclectic selection of unique merchandise, the excellent customer service sets an example for the entire industry." Stephanie C., New York, NY

"Thank you once again Cary, for your always present courtesy, good will and contagious enthusiasm. It's well received and noted!" Braldt B., Santa Fe, NM.

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your customer service.  You have outstanding communication and went above and beyond to make this whole process easy for us.  We were a bit nervous getting the manufacturing done in another country but you instilled confidence in us and we are so pleased with the quality of the blankets. Thanks again and looking forward to working on future projects with you." Emily, Auckland, NZ

"Thank you SO much for your honesty on the postage how kind. Looking frwd to receiving that was a very quick turn around hoping to make further orders." Soozy L., United Kingdom

“Cary, thank you immensely for all your unflagging thoughtfulness, equanimity and persistence.” Deborah J.  St. Petersburg,, FL. 

"I’m in love with my previous blankets! We used our first blanket the whole summer everywhere and it looks like new. Amazing quality!!!  And now want to order bigger size 50x60” in count 25." Ellen P., Harwich, MA

OMG!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to send!!! One is going to Germany to their Grandmother. Thank you sooooo much!" Stephanie K., Atlanta, Georgia

"I've been totally impressed with Woven Art.  The company I work for has adopted the slogan "Client First", and you've certainly made me feel that is also Woven Art's mission.  I have already booked marked your site for future purchases and will readily recommend your firm to my friends.  It's been a pleasure working with you on this order." Donna N., Quincy, MA

"THEY LOVED THEM !" "First of all, I can't rave enough about Cary's customer service.  She was a pleasure to work with. Very responsive to all of my inquires.  That alone is incredibly helpful.  I bought 120 embroidered faux suede, fur lined back throws (Arctic) for our annual holiday gifts to clients. Cary worked with me on the pricing and was able to stitch a message using the font and design we came up with.  The blankets looked beautiful and we are still getting "Thank Yous" from our recipients.  I highly recommend ordering from Woven Art." Glendene W., Icon Media, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I am so excited and grateful. I have worked at the Hyatt for 35 years as of April of this year in many capacities. That being said, I am very familiar with the Service Industry from both sides of the fence, but this transaction with you has been an incredible short journey. You hit all of the Great Service Standards and then went beyond the call.  I also understand that people don't have to be nice and I never take it for granted when they are. Honestly, I cannot put into words my gratitude! I could hear and feel  (even thru your responses via e mail ) your  compassion. If I could bottle the exemplary service you have provided I wouldn't even sell it I would just give it away."  Debbie C., Vallejo, CA

 "Your impeccable ways are greatly appreciated. We hope there are many more pleasurable transactions with you in the future. Thank you." Margaret B., Santa Fe, NM.

"AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Woven Art & Beyond's products are all top of the line, but what sets them apart from any other store is the customer service. I have ordered personalized and non-personalized merchandise, and you not only get prompt, courteous service, but the person I spoke to was very creative and helped me with some wonderful ideas I had not thought of." Mary T., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

”Cary, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your help with this order! [customizing] I was very happy with the whole process and I can't believe how quickly this was!  I very much appreciate your help.” Jackie Z., Brooklyn, NY 

“Thank you for really looking into this for me. I have been doing events for a very long time and I know better. I need it for Friday night so I’m hoping we will be good. What I do really like is that someone cares about their business and how things are handled. Thank you for all of your help and hopefully it gets here on Friday as planned. Thanks.” Marc H., N. Bergen, NJ

"My client loves the blankets - they turned out great." Evelyn S., San Diego, CA

"I am very impressed by the quality of communication and response I have received from you regarding this order.  My congratulations for an uniquely high level of customer service.  I do plan to revisit your website and look forward to ordering from you in the future." Donna N., Quincy, MA

"All 6 blankets arrived safely this week! VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULT! Thank you." Sarah C., Belgium

“We just received the sample and are super happy! It looks very beautiful, also the backside of the blanket!!
Thank you very much.
 I will be back with another project for sure!” Johanna M., Berlin, Germany

 "Thank you!  It's not often I find someone who actually cares about the person on the other end of the email enough to provide an update, even if it is to say that they haven't gotten an answer yet!" Renee

"We received the samples thank you and we are very pleased with the quality!  Can’t wait to get the full order." Emily, Auckland, New Zealand

"I would not have dreamed of putting you to so much trouble! Thank you for your care and helpfulness. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and I am very happy and grateful that you tracked down the one I much preferred." .... "Cary, Its arrived! and its lovely, just as I hoped it would be! I am really happy with it and with the service you have provided.  You have been SO helpful, thoughtful and cheerful throughout this long purchase. Thank you so much." Patricia M., New South Wales, Australia

"Thank you so much Cary! I really appreciate your quick attention to my emails, it's so hard these days to receive good customer service! It almost doesn't exist anymore, so when you run across someone that really does their job, and then some to make sure the customer is satisfied, it really stands out, and it means a great deal to me!  Keep up the good work!" Tanya W., Corona, CA.

"We unveiled the 'Sardines' last night at James's restaurant La Boca and must tell you the Tapestry blew everybody's socks off!! Truly AMAZING! Everybody gave it, without exception, a big thumbs up. Thank you, to all, so much for the enthusiasm and a job well done and looking forward to doing another one!" Braldt B., Santa Fe, NM

"I received it [Ezcaray, Spain Mohair Throw] - it is gorgeous!  I enjoyed it with coffee this morning!  Thank you again for being so generous and accommodating." Debra C., Aledo, TX

"Thanks again for your help. You have exceeded customer service expectations!" Jack I., Gainsville, FL.

“THEY’RE HERE [custom totes] AND ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy!!! Thanks for a great job!!! Legendary Events, Atlanta, GA 

THEY LOVED THEM!!!! The guest of honor was blown away. I know we will do this again, now that we found you!!! Legendary Events, Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for all of your help and communication throughout this wait! ” Tamara G., NC

“The pillow arrived & is perfect! Giving it as a gift today. Thanks for all your help.” Ann S., Manhattan, NY 

"My friend received the throw [custom woven] and sent me some pictures, i just wanted to say how happy i am with the result!  Thank you so much." Sabrina G., London, UK

"Your help has been just over the top! For gifts I am DEFINITELY keeping you at the top of my list! Your service has been extraordinary." Joanne D, Rockaway, NJ.

"I just received the Homecoming hero tapestry by Thomas Kinkade. It looks beautiful. My wife will be so surprised. I can't thank you enough for all of your help in tracking it down. You definitely went over and above to find it. I will definitely be visiting your site on a more frequent basis. Have a great day!" Frank S, Lutz, FL.

"Thank you for sending the new item. It arrived on the 21st and was a hit on Christmas. I appreciate your excellent customer service and recommended your website to everyone who saw the throw blanket." Dr. Nicholas R., N.J.

"Just a note to express my thanks for your help with my purchase of the Motorized TV Tapestry. We have it installed.  It's an elegant addition to our living room decor. ... Now when the TV is not in use we don't have to look at that black rectangle on the wall. A great product. ... Thanks again for your great service."  Bernard C., Arden Hills, MN.

"First, my compliments to you for your extremely prompt and candid responses to my messages - especially on a Sunday Evening.  I cannot recall experiencing such great customer service."  Bernard C., Arden Hills, MN

Thank you for letting me know. That only makes me want to do more business with you, I really appreciate that. It is not a problem at all." Shelly B., Orange Park, Fl.

"We received the pillow and it's great.  It works perfectly with a new chair in a small library/reading room my husband recently created. Happy New Year and thanks for the excellent service." Kate F., Rhinelander, WI

"My mom called and she is over the moon with her tapestry.  Thank you very much!"  Donna M., England

"Thanks again for quickly resolving everything. I know it is not always easy. ... It has been great dealing with you." Karen B., Stamford, CT.

"I must thank you for all the hard work you have put in to try and get it here.  I also thank you for your kindness and extreme professionalism." Roni K., United Kingdom.

"The throws [Alpaca Urban Classic with Logo] have been a great hit with the wives of the board members.  Thanks for your help with this project." Robert C., Chicago, IL.

"Wish I could express how much my niece loved her pillow [Indoor-Outdoor]! She is a horticultural major at OSU and is all about the pollinating bees. She was just thrilled. Thanks for such a beautiful product!" Lisa C., Richardson, TX

"Thank you for doing that! ... High marks for you! Thanks again!" Lori M., Juno Beach, FL.

“When researching alternatives I found your business and really like your aesthetics as they are more me :), and a huge bonus is your price is more workable  I just wish I had found you sooner!” Sacha K., London UK

”Thank you so much!  I love your store.” Sandrella M., Amsterdam NL

"I absolutely LOVE the pillow you made for me of my bulldog Cash. I am giving it to my fiance for Valentines. He's going to love it too. I've looked for a long time for someone to do this for me. Thank you. It's beautiful." Beth A.,  Farmington UT.

"Big Thanks for big customer service." Catherine R., Wilmington, DE

"Cary, you're the best! thanks for all this info. super helpful." Anthony A.

"My Apache throw arrived today and I couldn't have been more surprised or more pleased.  The throw is beautiful and very soft and nice. ... I really appreciate the service and I couldn't be happier with the throw.  Thanks."  Keith C., Military, Overseas

"Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with my order. I have received the entire shipment and love the quality of the pillow's and bag. Woven Art and the service you have provided are commendable and I would highly recommend your products to anyone interested in quality, craftsmanship." Joyce S., Winsted, MN

"I can't say thank you enough!! You have truly went above and beyond with customer service! Thanks so much!. ... I wish every company had this great customer service!" Brad F., Greenbelt, MD.  

"I'm so happy to hear this. Thank you for your supreme diligence in taking care of this problem.  Mistakes happen. What separates a great company from a poor one is the response to that mistake.  I will not hesitate to use your services again." Phuong N., Hillsborough NJ.

"Just thought I would let you know the[that] Mom's Blanket Arrived today.. WOW!!!!!!!!! For A Lack of Words.  Grateful, Overjoyed, Amazed, Blessed, More Than Satisfied. Once again you and your team have been pure Angels. Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to all those that had a hand in the production of this item." Debbie C., Vallejo, CA

THANK YOU ALL! I'm going to order one for the other g.d. when I get home so they are alike.... Thanks again so much. Customer service like this is rarely seen in this day and time. Have a fabulous holiday weekend!" Barbara L., Camanche, IA

"Thanks a million!  Those testimonials on your website are definitely not made up.  You are awesome!" Sherri S.

"THANK YOU for your persistence with the weavers!  I cannot say enough how appreciative I am of your care for the customers! Take care." Mike D., Paoli, PA

"My friend, Arlene, called me today to let me know that she received the wall mural, and to tell me how much she loved it!  I was so happy to hear how delighted she sounded when she spoke about it. I know the mural will life her spirits every time she sees it. Thank you, again, Cary, for everything you did to make my friend's lovely present possible.  I have appreciated your help very much. With kindest regards and gratitude." Cindy M., Los Angeles, CA

"If you're not the boss, please forward this to your boss: Cary was so helpful in taking care of order AND shipping problems to our remote home. Cary stuck with me through emails, my only way of communication at the moment, during and after business hours. She is a big reason, I would recommend your tapestries to others, even though our tapestry is lovely." Zoe M., Elk Creek, VA

"I want to thank you for all of the time and effort you've put into making sure that I'm satisfied. It is rare nowadays for anyone to go through the effort that you did and I am amazed...TRULY amazed. Even if this new one does not turn out better, I will keep you and your company in high regard as the service you've given me has been exceptional from the very beginning. Cary, I thank you again for the OUTSTANDING customer service you've provided. Please know that I'm very appreciative. Have a wonderful day." Stephanie P., Hesperia CA.

"I appreciate your in-depth response in such a short period. You can always tell a responsible business person by their quick response time (at least I believe that)." Arthur S., St Marys, GA.

"Thanks so much for responding the issue so quickly. I will continue use your site for other art works. We have a whole new house to decorate. Thanks again."  Christy C., Palo Alto, CA

"Wow thanks. I'm impressed with the awesome customer service. I have had so much bad customer service lately that I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you really trying to help me out!" Janelle C. "Thank you for your help and for being so prompt I really appreciate your help.  I will definitely visit your site again in the future.  Thanks again." Heather T., Meeker, OK

"I have just made another purchase from this merchant that makes a total of three.  I have loved both of the purchases and I'm sure I will love the one I just made when I receive it. They make wonderful gifts and the people I purchased them for loved them as much as I did. The customer service you receive is above and beyond anything I have encountered from any other merchant. Look at their site and order something you won't be disappointed." Veronica W., Keansburg, NJ.

"What a surprise! Thank you very much! I really hope doing business again! I keep your website as a favorite! Thanks again!" Cornelis A., The Netherlands.

"AWESOME. I just opened up the throw and I absolutely love it.  I knew it would be great by the business we have done. You have been so nice and went out of your way to help me and that seems so rare anymore... I'm giving this to my mom at our rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding ... I will for sure highly recommend you to everyone I can. People are always looking for that special gift and this one really is special ... thank you again." Ashley L., Princeton, IN.

"This answers all my questions. We will be ordering after Christmas. Thanks for all the assistance, the great customer support, makes me feel very comfortable about doing business with you." Michael D., Houston, TX.

"You have offered the best customer service of any store I have ever dealt with. I am sorry my gift did not arrive for Christmas, but knowing that you are on top of this delivery has made all the difference.  The recipient is local, so she will be here when it arrives.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication toward getting this item to me. Happy New Year to you too ... I am referring a lot of people to your site because of the great customer service."  Patricia C., McLean, VA

"Thank you Cary, I really appreciate everything you have done!!! I am sooo excited for them to receive such a unique gift. I will be ordering another tapestry from you as soon as I get home. And I will most certainly tell everyone I know about your company and hospitality!" Kelly C., Texas

"Thank you for your diligence.  I do appreciate it. Thank you again so much.  Some merchants would have just told me to get a refund and go away." Michelle S., Spokane, WA.

"Wow, that's way beyond what I was expecting, thank you so much. I will send a Pic of Beanie using it. Thanks again for the great service, it was not expected. Will be glad to refer anyone the asks." John A., Longlake, NJ

"Just wanted you to know that I love the tapestry TV cover.  I think it is going to work perfect.  May be ordering another one later for another room.  Thank you for your prompt service."  Debbie R., Newburgh, IN.

"Thanks so much for the fast delivery. That was awesome! I will definitely refer your website to others." Holly H., West Columbia, SC.

"Thanks for your great customer service." Bruce V.,  Red Wing, MN.

"EXQUISITE - it's beautiful and what quality and warmth!" Jocelyn S., Huntington, NY [Our Microplush Denali Throws]

"Thank you so very much for keeping me updated.  She's very happy to receive it soon.  Have a great day! Thanks." Angel R., Fayetteville, TN.

"Thank you. I had it shipped to my sister-in-law who tells me it's wonderful.  Thanks for the speedy turn-around. I'll be sure to pass on your site to others." Mohammad B., Kernersville NC.

"I got the shower curtain today and I LOVE IT!  This process is AMAZING. Thanks so much. My daughter is going to go NUTS." Michelle N., Brentwood, TN.

"Thank you for your prompt service re: my order.  I have already told some of my friends about your tapestries.  Who knows?  After they see mine they might wish to place an order too.  Thanks again." Bev S., Australia.

"Thanks so much for your help...you have my highest recommendation for an online shopping experience.  I will definitely be a return customer." Kerry D., New York

"It looks great, thanks! Quality is wonderful." Sandra C., Fishers, IN.

"Thanks for being so speedy in getting the order filled.  I am sure it will make the 50th anniversary a special one.  Thanks."  Mary A., Fredericksburg TX.

"I checked out the following information and I would love to have the 20 x 24 canvas photo art with the artistic brush.  It is really nice of your company to do this and I will highly recommend you to all my friends.  Thanks again." Vickie B.,  Santa Claus, IN.

"The shipment has arrived and I've just picked it up from duty. The throw is really wonderful. Many thanks to you for your dedication. I'm absolutely happy with it. Best regards from Germany and have a nice and sunny day." Adel H., Germany

"I appreciate your correspondence and good customer service of keeping me informed. thanks." Craig C., Oran, MO

"The pillows arrived and they LOOK GREAT !!!!!!! Thanks again for all your help."  Joe D., White Plains, NY

"... I just received the blankets and they are just as beautiful as my tiger blanket, the pictures do them no justice. And I love the customer service that's just as important to me as the products, we own our own company so I always try to buy from the people who appreciate their customers and you have been great!! Thanks for everything." Lindsay C., Deridder LA.

"Thanks for your gracious assistance. Please let your supervisor know I was beyond pleased with your help." Brett D., Midland, GA

"Cary, just received this pillow cover, it is absolutely gorgeous, thank you!!!" Danielle, W. 

“I am so excited that I received my order a day earlier than expected!! The pillow is GORGEOUS!!!!! I attached 2 pics of the pillow on my front porch so you can see how pretty it looks!!” Anne S., Blue Point, Long Island, NY

”I am very glad I found you; I’ve been looking for beautiful cotton throws and having a hard time finding them. Thank you again!” Mary N., Madison, WI



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