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About Us

Cary’s many years of creative pursuits in her native New York included her love of photographing the colorful and incomparable canvas of textures so unique to NYC. Her love of photography since childhood, as well as her adventurous world travels, cultivated and enriched her appreciation for global textiles.

Inspired by her passion and knowledge of textile art, Cary founded Woven Art & Beyond LLC in 2008, featuring quality-handcrafted collections for Home, Lifestyle & Unique Gift Giving.

Woven Art & Beyond also gives its customers and clients the ability to expand their own palette of self-expression by applying texture, color and patterns to many home and lifestyle products offered.

Want to create your own Brand? We offer Custom Projects with a complete full service available for your Brand from beginning to end … whether a quantity of 25 or 25,000.

At Woven Art & Beyond we offer you:

  • Eclectic Handcrafted Collections for Home, Lifestyle, & Unique Gift Giving;
  • Fine Wovens & Accents from our USA Textile Mills by Skilled Artisan Weavers;
  • Fashion & Accessories by talented Global Artisans Using Old Traditional Handicraft Techniques, while reflecting an elemental fusion of contemporary design (or retro);
  • Fine Woolens from Century Old Mills in European Countries;
  • NW Coastal Tribe Artist Designs - Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian (Premade or Custom Options)
  • Design it Shop” Fast Turn-Around Customizing with Jacquard Wovens, or Prints with your Art Design, Photo, Graphic;
  • Custom Projects” We work with you for your unique custom needs. Usually completed in six weeks. 
  • Custom Branding” Complete Full Service For Your Brand From Beginning to End;
  • Unique Crafted Git’s that are SURE to be Appreciated!

Woven Art & Beyond supports our long tradition of USA textile mills (far and few now), creating high quality fine wovens and accents by skilled artisan weavers. Because textile excellence in the 21st Century requires heightened respect for the environment, our textile mills are committed to using – whenever possible - renewable natural fibers from American growers, which are then woven and finished in USA.

Woven Art & Beyond supports our skilled and talented artisans globally. Our global handicraft textile art includes one-of-a-kind Wearable Art Fashion & Accessories reflecting an elemental fusion of contemporary design and traditional handicraft techniques. All handmade under Fair Trade Practices (no sweat shops - we know who is making it), and no animals ever harmed in the process

Fair Trade enables a fair living wage in their country to support their families, while drawing on their country's rich cultural and artistic heritage. Preserving creative traditions globally, give the present day artisans the opportunity to create and deliver the very best that their country has to offer. By implementing the Fair Trade Practice, a professional working environment is maintained for all involved in the project.

GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products 100% and guarantee its quality and craftsmanship. So go ahead and enjoy your shopping experience at Woven Art & Beyond. 

It's simple. Woven Art & Beyond is committed to provide you with fine quality & competitive pricing on our home, lifestyle, unique gift giving items and customization. We try to bring the latest and greatest selection for our customers with just one focus to make your personalized home and gift shopping safer, easier and fun!  Exceptional Customer Satisfaction and Service is our main focus and our primary asset which makes our customers coming back again and again.

We've obtained the best in the Industry for security and shopping cart systems to make your shopping with Woven Art & Beyond - SAFE, SECURE and EASY.

Woven Art & Beyond is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the private information you give us, such as your billing, shipping and e-mail addresses, to process and keep you informed of your order. We DO NOT share your information with ANY THIRD Parties.

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Woven Art & Beyond, LLC
Radio City Station
PO Box 1823
New York, NY 10101-1823
Phone:  (212) 397-4038
Email: contact@wovenartandbeyond.com (Preferred)



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