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Tapestry Care & Maintenance

Q. How do I hang my Tapestry?
A.  Your tapestry has a rod sleeve sewn into the top of the tapestry for the hanging rod. Just slide the rod through the sleeve or the loops and place on the hanging brackets provided with the rod. Most of our tapestries also have an additional weighted rod sewn into the bottom of the tapestry for even hanging (all except the 34" x 26" size.). Or, forego the use of a hanging rod altogether, and display your tapestry directly on your wall, using handsome, decorative furniture tacks to hold the tapestry in place. 

Tips:  If you have sheet rock walls (sheet rock has a high lime content) do not hang your tapestries directly against the wall. Over time, the lime in the sheet rock will adversely affect your tapestry. Utilize brackets that will keep the tapestry 1-2 inches off the walls.

If you have plaster walls, feel free to hang your tapestry against the wall, or 1-2 inches off the wall.

Q. How do I remove folds and creases from my tapestry?
A. When delivered, there may be a fold or crease in your tapestry. This can be removed by placing your tapestry image side down on an ironing board. Place a towel over the backing of the tapestry and gently iron the towel with the iron set on a medium temperature, with steam if available.

Q. How do I maintain my Tapestry Wall Hanging
A. Your tapestry is a fine quality woven product that will last many years. Do not hang a tapestry in direct sunlight. As with any work of art -- oil, paper, etc. -- direct sunlight will fade the art over time.  To avoid this, simply avoid having your tapestry in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Q. How do I clean my Tapestry Wall Hanging?
A. Your jacquard woven tapestry can be cleaned once or twice a year using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. Your tapestry is 100% cotton. To remove any stains, we recommend dry cleaning to maintain and protect the beauty of your tapestry. For spot cleaning, you might use a gentle fabric cleaner like Woolite. Always test first in a small area that won't be noticed.  You may also dry clean your tapestry about every four years.

Q.  How do I clean my Jacquard woven throw?
A. In a regular washing machine on the gentle cycle - cold water setting. Dry your blanket in low heat setting. Hang-dried is preferred. Of course, do not use bleach or other whitening or harsh chemicals.

Q.  Is the Jacquard Woven Wall Tapestry treated for flame resistance? 
A. No.  We do not use any type Flame Retardant on out tapestry. Only the Printed Non-Woven Wall Tapestry is flame retardant.   



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