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FAQ - Jacquard Woven Tapestry

ALL our products are 100% guaranteed in quality and craftsmanship! 

This FAQ (frequently asked questions) is focused on our "Handcrafted Jacquard Woven Tapestry Products", woven by Skilled Artisan Weavers in USA Textile Mills. These include: Wall Tapestry, Throw Blankets, Pillows, Totes

This is Not for custom/personalized Jacquard woven tapestries. If you are interested in learning about our custom tapestries and custom printed products, please see "FAQ - DESIGN It Shop".

Q.  What Style Jacquard Woven Products Do You Offer?
A.  Our tapestries range from traditional and conservative, to fun and vibrant, to contemporary and transitional. With famous art from the classic masters to today's most popular artists, you're sure to find what you're looking for. Create your own unique decor - also makes wonderful gifts that continue to give!

Q.  I Have Seen The Same Design on Several Websites. Is it Really The Same?
A.  The design could well be the same but it could also be produced by several different weaving companies from various countries around the world. The differences come in the size of the tapestry and in the quality of the cotton and weave. All the tapestries that are sold through Woven Art & Beyond are woven in the United States on Jacquard looms using the finest cotton. The manufacturer is a family-owned business, which has been in the textile business for over 200 hundred years and takes great pride in the quality of its work (as do ALL manufacturers used by Woven Art & Beyond).

Q.  I Need A Specific Size Tapestry To Fit My Space - How Accurate Are Your Stated Sizes For Each Tapestry?
A.  Due to the nature of weaving the stated size of the tapestry can vary by up to +/- 5%. This is pretty much an industry wide standard no matter where the tapestry is woven. The reason for this variation is due to several factors including the tolerances of the loom that it was woven on and also the finishing and lining of the tapestry can affect its final size. The sizes indicated on this web site indicate the size that was aimed for by the weaver.

Q.  Will The Colors Be Exactly As I See It On The Computer?
A.  We try to reproduce the pictures as close to the original as possible but due to several factors, the colors may vary slightly from what you see on your computer monitor. The first factor in color variance can come from the individual tapestries as they are woven from many threads which are dyed, so the dye can be slightly different from batch to batch. Secondly, everyone's computer monitor is different in its age and how its settings are set. Due to all these possible variants, we cannot guarantee that these images represent the actual colors of the product. Returns due to color discrepancies will be considered a return of a non-defective item. Please email customer service if you have questions about an item.

Q.  Can I return My Jacquard Woven Product?
A.  Yes. We have a 15-day money back Guarantee. However, you will first need to contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com to obtain a Return Authorization Number Within (10) Days after receipt of your item. We will then instruct you as to where and how to return the merchandise. If you do not request a number, the package will not be accepted and will cost additional shipping fees. All returned merchandise must be returned in the original packaging and must include all packing materials and accessories. Your credit card will be refunded once we receive the tapestry back and it has been inspected. You will be responsible for all shipping charges inbound and outbound. There is a $5.00 restocking fee for items returned if not due to our error.

Q.  What If the Woven Product is Defective?
A.  If you notice a manufacturing defect, please contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com Within Ten (10) days and we will arrange to have the product picked up from you via UPS or FedEx. You can either have the product exchanged, or receive a full refund including your shipping charges.

Q.  What Are Your Average Ship Times For Your Jacquard Woven Tapestry Products?
A.  Our Jacquard Woven items ( Wall Tapestry, Throw Blankets, Pillows, Totes - "Non"-Personalized) are shipped directly from our USA Textile Mills. If the item is stocked, it is "usually" shipped out within 5-10 "business days" via FedEx Ground or UPS. Please note this is NOT the time you will receive it, but rather when it usually ships from the manufacturer. However, it will usually ship sooner than indicated.

If not in stock, it can take up to 15-20 "business" days. Please keep in mind that these items are custom made (dying the cotton threads, Jacquard weaving, sewing the lining, washing, pressing, quality inspection, etc.), which is quite a process but one well worth it when you see the outcome - a lifetime of enjoyment. Seasonality affects delivery. ALWAYS give yourself extra lead time before big holidays!.

Q.  What Are Your Jacquard Woven Products Made From?
A.  All of our Jacquard woven wall tapestries, throw blankets, pillows, and totes are woven on a Jacquard loom from the finest natural cotton. Some of the tapestries also have a chenille or wool overlay adding an extra richness and texture to these already stunning tapestries (as indicated in item description). All our woven products are made in the USA and are 100% cotton (unless otherwise indicated).

See "What Is A Tapestry" and "Tapestry Care & Maintenance".

Q.  What Is A Jacquard Loom?

A.   High quality tapestry reproduction is woven on Jacquard looms. The computer guided looms are perfect to reproduce detail and allow for the many colors required for the elegant motifs of today's popular wall hangings. The Jacquard Loom, a weaving machine invented in 1801 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, used the first punched data cards, invented before there were any computers in the world. These data cards were the "program" that ran the loom. The cards were carried in linked chains, and they controlled the weaving pattern by influencing the position of the needles. Small sensing pins detected the presence or absence of holes in the cards, and determined whether or not a needle would pick up a thread. 200 years later, the inventions of Jacquard led the world to the modern day computer which, among an almost infinite and growing number of uses, guides the jacquard loom in reproducing tapestries of exquisite detail.

Q.  Do You Ship Internationally?
A.  We do. However, we may not always be able to ship to all locations internationally. Please see our "Shipping + Return Policies" and contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com with any questions.

Q.  Do You Send to Military Bases and U.S. Protectorates?
A.  If your order is being shipped to APO, FPO or other armed services addresses, Guam, American Samoa, or other U.S. Protectorates, we will proudly mail your finished product via United States Postal Service (no tracking provided). For more information on filling out address forms to these addresses, please consult the U.S. State, Protectorates, and APO/FPO abbreviations list. Please note that packages sent to military addresses may take longer to deliver due to USPS restrictions.

Q.  Do You Have A Catalog?
A.  Our Web site is our online catalog. We do not provide printed catalogs since new products are always being added and helps preserve our trees.

Q. How Can I Contact Customer Service If I have Any Questions?
A. You can contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com or call (212) 397-4038. Preferably e-mail -- as you will get a faster response. By telephone, we will contact you within 24 hours, usually a lot sooner.

Q.  Can I Track Shipping?
A.  Yes, as long as you provide your e-mail address at checkout, we will then notify you with a tracking number when the product ships. You will receive it from our e-mail "contact@wovenartandbehond.com." TIP: Sometimes e-mails are sent to a bulk/spam folder. Please check said folder if you do not receive your tracking number, or set your e-mail to accept our e-mail address.

Q. What Payments Do You Accept?
A.  We take Shopify and Paypal (do not need an account and no fees are charged to you), Visa, Master card, American Express, and Discover. 

We provide a reliable, secure shopping cart.  It is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. This is the same level of encryption used by large banks to keep your information secure.  We are very serious about security and have invested significant time and money to certify that it is PCI compliant. From annual on-site assessments validating compliance to continuous risk management, we work hard to keep credit card and other sensitive data secure.

Q. Do You Charge Sales Tax?
A. Since we are located in New York, any deliveries to New York will be charged the appropriate sales tax for their county.

Q.  Do You Gift Wrap?
A.  Sorry, we do not. But, if you are shipping a gift, please indicate in our "comment" box when checking out and we will either write a note to include, or type the message on the enclosed packing slip. The packing slip does not include any pricing information. The e-mail notifications to confirm your order, however, do reference pricing so if you are sending a gift, we suggest you do not use the recipient's e-mail address.

If you still cannot find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to e-mail us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com.. We look forward to serving you!




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