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Authentic MOLA Bags - No Two Alike

Artisan Guna Indian Women MOLA Bags San Blas Islands of Panama

A Fashionable Take on MOLA Textile Art. Authentic Traditional handmade MOLA made into original, sophisticated Clutch Bags & Totes. These beautifully handcrafted quality works of art are created by talented Artisan Guna Indian Women indigenous of the San Blas Islands of Panama and created into these unique bags in collaboration with Designer Alexandra Krajczyczek. Colorful, Fun & Unique yet rich in cultural and artistic heritage. What Is A MOLA:Mola is one-of-a-kind piece, a textile art telling stories of Gunas, an indigenous group of Panama and handmade by Guna women. Molas are well known, especially among collectors. No two molas are alike. Molas are...

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NEW! Lovitude™ Indoor-Outdoor Pillows by Anne Pryor©

New! Licensed Art of Anne Pryor, part of the Lovitude™ Collection (Love & Gratitude). USA Made Indoor-Outdoor Pillows. Beautifully designed & brightly colored for your home, patio or garden.   Anne Pryor's unusual technique is created with magic alcohol ink, her breath (no paint brushes), and essential oils including Frankincense, Myrrh. Each painting is infused with gold metallic ink and painted on clear plastic and other media. https://wovenartandbeyond.com/collections/usa-made-indoor-outdoor-pillows    

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IF Bags Sale - Handmade in Milan, Italy

Handmade in Milan Italy Handmade Italian Bags IF Bags Italian Vegan Leather Vegan Bags

3 Day Sale on our "IF Bags" designed and handmade in Milan, Italy. Urban Style Simplicity. For 25% Off, please use Code "IFBAGS25" at checkout. Offer ends 4/13/18.  Made with smooth Italian vegan leather. Many styles and fun colors to choose from. Visit our Accessory Collection at https://wovenartandbeyond.com/collectio…/if-bags-milan-italy  

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African Dusk Oversized Throw Blanket

Africa Elephants

This vibrant African Dusk throw mimics the scenery of Africa itself with its deep red and purple, reminiscent of breathtaking sunsets, and free roaming of elephants, silhouetted against the acacia tree; both evoking the splendor of this land. Oversized at 60"x80" - large enough for two to cuddle in. Visit us at http://tinyurl.com/wovenartElephants

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Client gifting Customizing Throws Embroidery decorating options Throw Decorating

Woven Art & Beyond works with many companies/organizations for "Message" or "Logo" decorating for personal or business gifting (quantity discounts). Please contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com so we may work with you and within your budget. Embroidery Lasering Imprinting Lasered Faux Suede Patches Embroidered Faux Suede Patches Our original and well-crafted blankets are a gift that is going to be used frequently and last indefinitely. An easy gift to purchase: No sizing issues, ideal for both men and women, and loved by all ages. Where indicated on throws that offer "Decorating Options" - "THROWS" categories: https://wovenartandbeyond.com/collections/faux-fur-throw-blankets and https://wovenartandbeyond.com/collections/velura-plush-throw-blankets              ...

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