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Haida Dreamtime Voile Scarf by James Hart© - NW Haida Design

$ 34.00

This wonderful creation entitled "Dreamtime" by James Hart shows classic Haida images in bold red and black colors, which are traditional of this native art form. Now put on a voile scarf or sarong which is individually presented with a wrap that tells the story of the design and the artist.  Our unique art voile scarves are lightweight and soft to wear. Large enough to wear as a Sarong or Shawl. Free Shipping!

  • Size: 39.5 x 76.75 
  • Artist:  James Hart
  • Design: Haida Dreamtime
  • Care Instructions: Gentle wash on cold, hang to dry. Do not tumble dry.

See also our "Haida Dreamtime" Throw Blanket (see above) in our "NW Coastal Tribe Artist Designs - Tlingit, Haida + Tsimshian" category. 

About The Artist:
Born in 1952 into the Eagle Clan at Old Massett, James (Jim) Hart is one of the Northwest Coast’s most accomplished Haida artists. Jim Hart comes from a long line of Haida chiefs who were carvers. In 1999, Jim was named hereditary chief of the Stastas Eagle Clan and received his Haida name, 7idansuu. With this title, Jim has many responsibilities to carry out for his people and is committed to working with emerging young artists from his community.

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