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Custom Woven Cotton Throw Blankets "On Demand"|3 Sizes

$ 39.00

Woven "On-Demand". Create Your Woven Textile Art Straight From The Mill. In USA Textile Mills, skilled weavers transform your image or art design into something special that is visually interesting while having a unique and luxurious feel. The most versatile art medium of all ... woven throw blankets to wrap yourself in, enjoy as wall art, accent rugs, top of the bed, picnic blankets, etc. If you can create it, we can weave it into a unique piece of fabric. Also, great for fundraising with your art, photo, or logo on woven throw blankets. These 100% cotton custom "Woven On-Demand" have NO minimums and usually ship in up to five “business” days!

With over eight miles of 100% cotton used in every throw we make, you can feel the quality and definition of the detail. All our products are 100% easy-care cotton, and highly durable. Woven in USA. Click here for "International Shipping" Info.

PLEASE NOTEOur full color woven throws are tapestry construction so they do have a wide color range. In woven constructions, however, there are still some nuances to the color translations, i.e., with bright, vibrant, and neon colors.  “On-Demand” Throws are not altered in any way, as it is automatic (unlike our "Custom" projects with minimum 25 per art design and a total of 6 weeks time frame. By combining Red, Blue, Green, Gold, White, and Black yarns in a varying amounts, we get a natural color palette similar to the one shown here. This color chart is a Guide, a sampling, of the most commonly perceived colors, so that you can have a base understanding. There are many more "perceived" and possible colors that you can do from this warp.

On-Demand works best with natural colors, and good contrasting between similar colors to avoid blending. Gradients are very challenging for “On-demand” and not recommended. If interested in our weaving process, colors, and options available, please contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com. 

  • Size:  37” x 52” w/Fringe (1.75 lbs)
  • Size:  50" x 60" w/Fringe (2.65 lbs)
  • Size:  60" x 80" w/Fringe (4 lbs)
  • Contents: 100% Cotton 
  • Jacquard Woven, Image Woven In, Hand Finished 
  • Care:  Machine wash on gentle (no bleach) and tumble dry on low. 
  • Woven in USA

Images can be sent after purchasing (with order no. or as an attachment to your order confirmation) to contact@wovenartandbeyond.com. Due to the large image file size, some emails may not have the size capacity available to transfer it. This can be easily accomplished by using "wetransfer.com" (free transfer service), Dropbox, etc. to email us. Note:  Please do not drag image into email as it sends as a thumbnail (too small).  Attachment if by email, but do not embed it.  

Image Format Requirements for 37” x 52”:
JPG file format
RGB Color Mode
Image Width: 37
Image Length:  52
Pixel Dimension Width:  3552
Pixel Dimension Length: 4992
Optimal Resolution:  96 

Image Format Requirements for 50" x 60": 
JPG file format
RGB Color Mode
Image Width: 50
Image Length:  60
Pixel Dimension Width:  4800
Pixel Dimension Length: 5760
Optimal Resolution:  96

Image Format Requirements for 60" x 80": 
JPG file format
RGB Color Mode
Image Width: 60
Image Length:  80
Pixel Dimension Width:  5760
Pixel Dimension Length: 7680
Optimal Resolution:  96 

For best results use a high quality image as possible. All final "production-ready" image files sent to us need to be in an RGB-mode JPG. 

Low-resolution images cannot be increased in size without loss of image quality and will look pixilated. Do not simply increase the size of your editing software. You will need to use a high quality resolution image.

We offer quantity discounts on these "On-Demand" full color throws in our "Standard" sizes. Please contact us for quantities of 10 pieces plus. This is for "On Demand" only with our "standard" sizes indicated above - you can use as many different images as you want - no minimums per throw.


This is for a minimum of "25 Piece Minimum" of "Custom" sizes. This is for "one image" per order, same size throw, and it must be going to the same shipping address.  Using this option enables weavers to pick weave colors to work best with your image - not automated like "On-Demand". If interested in further information for custom minimum throws, please contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com.  

For all questions, please contact us at contact@wovenartandbeyond.com.

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