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News — Musqeum people

Northwest Coastal Salish Tribe Artist Debra Sparrow - "River "Ripples"

Debra Sparrow Musqeum people Northwest Coastal Tribe Artist Designs Salish Tribe

"River Ripples" Woven Cotton Throw Blanket featuring the woven designs by Debra Sparrow, a Northwest Native Coastal Tribe Artist. The Musqeum people have lived in their present location for thousands of years and they have a deep connection to the Fraser River and its surrounding waters. The "Keepers of the River", to the Musqeum, the Fraser River was their highway. Long before the first ships appeared on the horizon, the Musqeum used their River as a means of transportation. They paddled their canoes from village to village and across the waters to Vancouver Island. As the canoes glided over the...

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