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Northwest Coastal Salish Tribe Artist Debra Sparrow - "River "Ripples"

Debra Sparrow Musqeum people Northwest Coastal Tribe Artist Designs Salish Tribe

"River Ripples" Woven Cotton Throw Blanket featuring the woven designs by Debra Sparrow, a Northwest Native Coastal Tribe Artist. The Musqeum people have lived in their present location for thousands of years and they have a deep connection to the Fraser River and its surrounding waters.

The "Keepers of the River", to the Musqeum, the Fraser River was their highway. Long before the first ships appeared on the horizon, the Musqeum used their River as a means of transportation. They paddled their canoes from village to village and across the waters to Vancouver Island. As the canoes glided over the top of the River, their paddles dug deep, and as they lifted them out of the water, they left behind ripples that turned in to waves. The women then wove the beautiful patterns created by these ripples in the water on the blankets that clothed them. The image of "River Ripples" re-creates these designs, connecting once more to the waters that are so much part of Musqeum heritage.

The woven designs of Debra Sparrow integrate the rich history and culture of the Coast Salish people. An ideal way to celebrate any trip to the North West is with an item that is unique to this region and carries much significance in the native community.

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                            "River Ripples"                                         "Morning Star"


About The Artist:
"Everything I do is a reflection of my people. The ancestors speak to me through this creative gift. I, in turn, share it with you and others who take the time to stop and ask the questions - Reflections, traditional designs, contemporary colors... ." Debra Sparrow
Debra is a self-taught Musqueam designer who was born and raised on the Musqueam Indian Reserve. She integrates her peoples' history into her art and design work which can be seen in various museums and institutions. It is Debra's hope to educate others about the beauty and integrity of her people's history through her art.

Debra is an acclaimed weaver who has been weaving for twenty years and is deeply involved with the revival of Musqueam weaving. Debra and her sister, known as the Sparrow Sisters, felt a need to find their roots; they wanted to know what their place was in the world.

They decided that their path to this knowledge was through traditional crafts. Debra chose to pursue jewelry making, but later found herself involved more and more with weaving. Debra and her sister organized a local group of Musqueam weavers who wove traditional blankets. They were inspired by an old blanket passed down in their family. Now Debra is involved with the commercial production of blanket designs in clothing as well as blankets.

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