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"A Tree of Life" Tapestry - What It Symbolizes

Articles Tree of Life - What It Symbolizes

The Tree of Life tapestry is one that has been popular for ages. The most well known artist of The Tree of Life wall tapestry is William Morris, who was born in 1834 in Waithamstow, East London. There are other Tree of Life tapestries, but this one remains the most well-known to date. Morris incorporated medieval styles, inspiration and techniques to create what would become one of the most well known and popular tapestries of all time. What is most notable is that William Morris actually created tapestries while most modern tapestries today are reproductions of paintings. See our "Museum Masters Tapestry" Category.

This tapestry is a beautiful piece, filled with complexity and color. Flowing leaves and branches rise out of the base of the tree, demonstrating the promise of life and continual growth and knowledge. This wall hanging is exquisite, and decorated with intertwined leaves and branches. It is truly a masterpiece like no other.

The Tree of Life wall tapestry is symbolic in nearly every culture, and has deep meaning for many. It is a symbol of both masculinity and femininity, immortality and resurrection. This magnificent work of art symbolizes many things to many people, including growth and continuous life; it also is a link between the underworld, earth and Heaven above.

Other renditions of this art have been done by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian painter that created a modern version of the original masterpiece. The Tree of Life wall tapestry created by Klimt is woven with gold embellishments for a classic, modern looking decor. This 35" x 53" artwork makes an amazing focal point for any wall, and is constructed of the highest quality cotton and chenille. The Tree of Life Stoclet Frieze TV Tapestry by KLIMT is 53" x 34" See "Museum Masters Tapestry" Category.

Yet another version of The Tree of Life wall tapestry hanging is the vibrant, whimsical artwork of Natasha Wescoat. This Tree of Life tapestry is fun and colored with bright, exciting hues, perfect for those who like fun, whimsical decor. The look is totally modern, with three contemporary trees that appear to be nestled upon a mountaintop. Vibrant blues, rust, teal and amber colors of nature light up this rendition. This one is a must-have for those with a fun-loving nature. See "Contemporary Abstract Tapestry" Category.

The Celtic version of The Tree of Life tapestry hanging created by Jan Delyth throws a new twist into the pattern. Created of the richest blues, greens, tan and black, this Tree of Life tapestry uses intricate unified Celtic knots to symbolize connection and continuity. This artwork is perfect for modern or abstract decor.

Any way you look at it, the Tree of Life tapestry is one if not THE most well known ever. Perhaps because of the exquisite beauty or symbolic meanings, this particular creation has been a favorite for well over a century, and continues to be so today.

 Article by: Roxie Boyd

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