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Mohair Throws - Ezaray, Spain - SALE!

Extra Fine Mohair Ezcaray Spain Spain Mohair Throws

ON SALE NOW !  Luxuriously soft throws imported directly from Spain. This is the wool from an Angora goat, regarded as one of the most luxurious natural fibers in the world. Its qualities of whiteness, glossy sheen and silkiness allow you to achieve bright, lasting color. A feature of our Mohair blankets is their light weight and cozy warmth.

Sized at 51" x 67", large enough for two to cuddle in.  Made 60% Extra Fine Mohair, 40% Mohair. Handwoven in Ezcaray, Spain. 

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The many descendants of Cecilio Valgañón continue the traditions set forth by him in the 1930‘s. He reset the course of his cloth business to one of making mohair shawls, scarves, sashes, and blankets on the factory‘s manually operated looms. As Spaniards, they are proud of their heritage, enjoy all that the Rioja area offers, and maintain high standards.

Upon its arrival in Ezcaray, the wool goes through a cleaning, first in a cold bath, then in a hot bath from the waters of the clear river that runs alongside the factory. The constant humidity of the area is good for the mohair and the slow natural process of air drying it only adds to the final creation.

They use the traditional wood blocks hand set on the loom during production. For color purity, they have color sticks that have been used for decades. These sticks are saturated in the colors of the various dyes. Mantas Ezcaray has been honored by King Felipe VI for its exemplary product and representation of Spanish style and quality.

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