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Silk Kantha Stitched Scarves-Stoles

Silk Kantha Scarves Silk Kantha Stoles

These reversible Kantha stitch scarves are handmade by sewing two colorful silk saris together with an intricate, visible running stitch, giving it a slight wrinkled, wavy effect.  A transition season scarf that is lightweight with a nice drape. Each side sports a different pattern - two in one!  Add great color design as a scarf to any outfit or outerwear, or as a stole for an elegant evening look. No two are alike.

Handmade by Women Artisan Members of a Fair Trade Organization in Kolkata, India.

Richness in tradition. Kantha has been a form of quiet expression. Even the most practical Kantha is creative and spontaneous in nature. Women in the rural area of Indias are earning a living by making Kantha, which is a kind of traditional embroidery. This ancient industry (over 600 years old) influences some of the more exquisite designs used in the fashion world.


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